Apr 10

Noseeum Bites Suck!

I always knew that I am loved by pesty bugs that bite. My worst enemy until recently was the mosquito. But I have a new nemesis, the noseeum flies. They are horrible and love me so much that they sacrifice themselves through the bug spray to die as they bite me. Allow me to better explain.

We had just returned to our campground in El Fuerte from our 5 day trip into the Copper Canyon. We are tired after an eight hour train ride and pretty much just go to sleep. Upon daybreak, we wake and decide to mingle with some our neighbors in the campground. Here is where we first meet Karen and Dale, our friends from Canada who, like us, also sold their house and are traveling by VW Vanagan through Mexico on their way to South America. There are more striking similarities between Chad and Dale such as sharing the same birthday, they both just got out of the military and they both are driving VW buses to South America.

But alas, I digress, back to the devil flies. I innocently stand next to Chad (who coincidently receives no bites) talking with our neighbors when we can´t help but notice the giant swarm of tiny flies all around us. I go to the car and apply a hefty amount of bug spray and return to the conversation. As we chat, we all try to ignore the swarm of flies, every now and then batting at them in vain. Soon, just a few minutes, I look down at my legs and notice a few black dots, which I proceed to flick away and notice a speck of blood left behind. Quickly realizing that the irritating flies are biting me through the bug spray, I gear up and put on some long pants and long sleeve shirt. But it is too late. The next day, I counted 18 bites on one leg and 22 on the other, and a few on my arms, but not as many as on my legs.

Noseeum bites on my legs Noseeum bites on my legs

So, I don´t seem totally insensitive, I understand that the noseeums need to feed on my blood to make their eggs in order to reproduce, but do the bites have to itch as bad as they do? I don´t mind being bitten, but they itched so bad, I couldn´t resist and scratched myself raw. I looked like a walking freak with open soars on my legs. Not that I think noseeums serve any useful purpose on this Earth but I´m not that convince that we, humans, serve a very useful purpose either, so therefore I shouldn´t judge. But after my experience, I wish them all dead. I don´t know… is that bad?

Author: ana


April 14, 2008

Hi Chad and Ana! I’m so glad to hear that you guys are doing well, haven’t had a chance to read or view the new postings as we just got back from our trip and are in VA with Dave and Amber right now. Can’t wait to read and look at what you’ve been up to when we get back to Seattle. You guys stay safe and Talk to you soon!! love you both. PS everyone says Hi!!!!! love, Netters! miss you!!!

August 31, 2008

I got bit by a no seeum on my foot & it itched so bad i HAD to scratch it && now its swelled up i cant even walk : (

Eliane Laura
January 14, 2009

OMG. You can’t even imagine how great your idea was good when you decided to put this picture on the internet. I don’t know you and I am a Quebequer( that’s why my english is that bad…) And just as I came back from cuba, I noticed scratchs like yours on my legs and everybody else on the internet was talking about (larves) which are littles bugs that live UNDER(!) the human skin… so .. anyhow thank you now I know that you’re still alive and what is on my legs is nothing really bad ( compare to what I had though. :)

Deb Peyson
April 20, 2010

OMG! Finally someone else who had been subjected to the horrific itchiness of this nasty microscopic pest! I have enjoyed thoroughly the early warming temperatures of this spring UNTIL I decided to read a delicious novel on my deck after an exasperating week. WhaT may I ask was delicious? Apparently I was a complete feast to these evil-posessed creatures from H–L! I have been scratching non-stop since yesterday and am almost praying I would rather see a mosquito (heaven strictly forbid!), those are absolutely insane in this swamp as well. So I have to say that these miniscule little suckers are sent straight from hell and now occupy what was left of our sane lives and I’m sure the miserable saga will continue…from just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba

June 13, 2010

I took a summer camp job working in Northern Ontario, and while shovelling up a terribly old campfire, I was completely surrounded by these bugs. Do theylive in ash or something? Ah! The next day, driving to the other base, I scratched my forearms with straight paper and felt good but later more appeared above my elbows and ankles uhhh I looked dieased. Ive been trying to sauna-it but iwish had worn spray! Ana, those look like INTENSE bites though. hope you got better soon!

Ana says: Snejana,sorry to hear you got bit also. The bugs were probably living on the ground around the campfire and got stirred up when you were working. I was wearing OFF bugspray when I was eaten up, I think the only way to avoid the bites is to be totally covered with clothes. I didn’t find too much that made the bites go away more quickly other than not scratching them and waiting about a week. It was a painful week! Good luck!

Jim Bob
June 20, 2010

Just counted 300 noseeum bites from NM! Yuck!

Ana says: Yikes! That sounds like hell! Good luck and try not to scratch too much. :)

June 27, 2010

A friend advised me to use Preperation H with Vitamin E and Aloe and said that it would help alleviate the itching. It worked wonders! And is the only thing I found that would take the itch away from noseeum bites.

Rohn Heidgerd
July 14, 2010

I just went on my second camping trip to a beach in Connecticut. Last year while camping I received over 130 bites from these horrible creatures. This year I thought I protected myself, but managed to get bitten 71 times. I can’t wait to spend another couple of weeks this year walking around looking like I have some kind of disease.

mindy walters
July 26, 2010

As I stand here in florida w/over a 100 bites on one foot, I have to agree w/u – all noseeums should die :)

Barbara Wedderman
July 27, 2010

Just this summer, I have experienced noseeums for the first time,( new resident of North carolina). All my life, ( 56 years), I have been a mosquito magnet, and I thought that they were bad enough, but these noseeums are equally brutal!!! And for those who suggest that wearing clothes helps to deter them, my legs and torso were bitten from under my clothing. Don’t know how those little buggers got under the clothes, but they did!!!! I have tried Preperation H and Witch Hazel, both to no avail. :-(

August 18, 2010

Hey guys I was charging an a/c outside unit and before I knew it I had been bitten about 18 times around my stomach, back and chest, and I had on clothes. I had on a short sleeve shirt and they never bit me on my arms. I have been able to relieve the itching some with anti itch creams used for poison ivy.

August 22, 2010

Just returned from a trip to my dads in Florida – 160 noseeum bites on my legs alone…not counting the ones on my arms…I have scratched myself raw…this is the second time it has happened to me…both times same place in Florida…

September 16, 2010

I have found a spray that works much better than anything else I’ve tried for stopping the itch. It is called “Ivy-Dry” Super a zinc complex with benzyl alcohol, camphor and menthol. Too bad that I have to be bitten at all.

September 19, 2010

I am 75 years old and had never heard of noseeums. In the past two weeks, I have been bitten on my ankles and back by these little vampires. Never have I had such an itch that went all the way to the bone. I made the mistake of scratching before I knew better and now I have two sores that won’t heal. It has been two weeks and still have little scabs on my ankles and back. Yuck! My only relief was a little stick called “after bite” and it has ammonia in its contents. later, I used benadryl ointment, and stay indoors.

October 12, 2010

I went down to st.pete Fl this weekend and did a huge camp out with some friends… so being that we were in a tent i thought id be ok…2 days later im literally covered from head to toe in bites …i just counted 30 bites on my wrist alone…. I HATE NOSEEUMS -__-

October 30, 2010

I have been to Fantasy Isle x2 and both times had both arms, mid to upper back and both legs covered with bites. It took over 2 weeks for them to start healing. In fact, they seemed to spread the first week. Horrid. Just now returned from Cozumel, Mexico and have many on my body. Bugs love me!

Nichol Bolander
November 1, 2010

I have to say I have lived in FL my entire life, and never been bitten by these things until recently. It gets remotely cool we open the house for a few hours to get some fresh air and I end up with 10 to 20 bites! Nothing is as bad as these things! At least you can see mosquito’s. These buggers go through the screens!

November 24, 2010

I have tried Tea Tree oil on my noseeum bites with great success. It stops the itch and heals them fast. Im in a marina in Panama and have run out of my oil, needless to say I have hundreds of bites on my body right now. I have not been able to find more tea tree, and if I did, would there be enough in the world to help all the bites I have?

February 5, 2011

Thank you for starting this! I have searched and found very little that told me what it was that was causing the red welts on my arms and legs. Even the doctor wasn’t sure! As a fair-skinned blonde, they really show up on my skin!

A friend sent me the link to this page and I’m happy to see several suggestions of remedies because I have tried everything I can think of (Benadryl, Gold Bond Cream, Cortisone cream) none of which was any help.

Doc gave me steroids which are a short term relief anyway, but only for a week. I will have to stock up on some of those items mentioned here.

Again, thanks!

March 6, 2011

Yikes. returned from So America. The bugs got me without even seeing one. I am itching from
the back down my legs. Bugs -n0seeum love me. Should say any bug. My husband did not get even one bite. Life is not fair to we fair skinned people. I saw many natives with jeans in 100 plus weather. Guess they know what to do do or wear after living amongst these creatures.

March 8, 2011

I just returned from a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and in the years to come, one of the major things I will remember about this vacation (along with the many wonderful memories) are the many, MANY noseeum bites I suffered. I have never experienced itching as bad as this. Once I start scratching, I can’t stop!! I’m glad to know that the bites go away eventually without lasting damage.
I’m sorry for everyone else who’s had to experience this torture!

March 16, 2011

Got back from the British Virgin Islands on Feb 26th and was eaten alive by these pesky little creatures. I was the only one who was tortured by these noseeums. My husband stopped counting after 75 bites on me. And boy do they itch and still itch. Many have scabbed up which is gross- I hope that I don’t scar. It was terrible!!

nanc mac
March 21, 2011

Was in fi (ft meyers+key larg) can’t speak of noseeums as they ate my scandivavian skin w no indication. BUT 4 days later like “flea or msq bites” thay itched so bad I bled 4 days “now 1 month later I’ve aquired impetigo on my face from all the scratch. Warn everyone u know! Horrible:(!

March 24, 2011

We just got back from Riviera Nayarit and the worst thing about our trip was these bug bites! My sister-in-law encountered these bugs in the Dominican a couple of years ago and I do remember reading about them and they were referred to as “sand flies” but, I had never heard of them being this prelevant in Mexico!!! I was bitten one morning playing mini golf probably 30 times in a 30 minute period and again about another 50 times while on the beach snapping pics of my hubby and son, again in the morning. These were both in the last day and second last day of our trip. I happened to be on a steroid/allergy medication for a localized allergic reaction to a first time bee sting but that was only for three days. My last day for the meds was Monday morning…it’s Wednesday and my legs are on FIRE…I’m glad they bit me rather than my son though. The Benadryl cream is not working and I have scratched a few of them raw in my sleep. I am going to try the tea tree oil as I have that on hand. How can something so small cause so much pain and discomfort. Sorry to hear I am not the only one who has suffered so much.

April 4, 2011

My daughter recently went to camp in jupitor florida and got these noseeum bites t on her face and hands . and i have tried everything benadryl,aloe,hydrocortisone cream,cal dryl gel. neosporin rubbing alcolhol . how long do these things take to heal she has had them for a week and they don’t seem to be going away

April 6, 2011

It’s so nice to hear of other people who have the same thing as me. No one ever believes me when I say I’m allergic to noseeum bites. I’m just making it up they say. Well I’m covered in at least 200 bites right now, most of them on my arms. I’ve tried everything over the years – B1 vitamins, antihistamines, rubbing alcohol, vinegar – you name it I’ve tried it. The only thing that works is steroids and I’m not about to deal with the side effects of those long term. I’m tired of covering myself in bug spray (which doesn’t work most of the time) and even when I cover my body in clothes I’m sweating like crazy because I live in Florida!

Marjory – They take about 2 weeks to go away completely. But scars will be left if your daughter rubs or scratches them too much.

April 23, 2011

I moved to Florida 6 years ago and have had a MAJOR problem with noseeum bites. Unless it’s your private parts, I use a small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. Sometimes it takes several times of spraying, but it’s the only thing I’ve found to help.

May 14, 2011

I was in Costa Rica in Jan. & still have dark “scars” from my bites-it is now May! I’M JUST WONDERING IF EVERYONE HAD THE SAME INITIAL SYMPTOMS: Stings that bled, itching, BUT W/MY BITES I HAD BLISTERS/PUSTULES after a few days to a week. I actually broke open some of them & the tissue underneath looked like a burn…angry red & like whatever bit me had a snack -ME! Derm said all bites look pretty much the same & cldn’t diagnose. I’VE NEVER HAD BITES LIKE THIS BEFORE! DID ANY OF YOU EVER HAVE THESE SAME SYMPTOMS & EVER FIND OUT WHAT ACTUALLY BIT/CAUSED THEM?

B Poulter
June 13, 2011

I discovered this morning that Aloe after sun lotion helped my itching considerably. It don’t make it go away completely but does make it more tolerable.

June 14, 2011

I am in Iraq and we have these as well. The bite, to me, is worse than a mosquito bite and my bites itch for 5 days. I spray on bug spray before I go to work and about 6 hours in, I reapply my spray (anything with DEET). I have also bought my night shift crew citronella bracelets which work when they wear them. My first bite was 24 April and I still have a scar from it. I have learned that if I scratch them, they will blister and leak so I use my finger instead of my fingernail. I see them flying around my office and they are very easy to kill once they land. It’s just a matter of seeing them land. I’ve gotten to where I use the “afterbite” to ward off the itching.

June 14, 2011

Laid down in bed and I’m absolutely covered in no-see-um bites, I think they are coming in through our window screen. My wife is being left alone, she thought I was crazy till she seen the large welts I was getting. I sat in bed with the lights on and witnessed a few of them biting me over a few minutes time, they are so small and squished easily leaving what looks like a few microscopic flecks of black. It burns so bad, I’ve never complained about bites in my life, I’d rather be bit by a dozen mosquitoes, they have never bothered me, their mild itch is tolerable… These no-see-ums SUCK.
I’m in Northern Ontario where I’ve only ever gotten bitten by them a couple times over my 30 years of life, they must be spreading!!! Never had like 20 bites in 15 minutes while trying to fall asleep before.

July 3, 2011

We were in our friend’s orchard up in Sacramento yesterday when all of a sudden I felt at least 20-30 insects bitting me all over my butt and legs at one time. I was wearing long thin cotton pants at the time. These noseeums bit me through my pants! In the rays of sunIight coming through the trees I could see there were hundreds of tiny little flies in the air. It was not until that night and the next morning when these bites began to swell up and get itchy, Lucky I had my presciption of clobetasol ointment with me. It really helped the itching and swelling.
The first time we experienced these noseeums were in St. Thomas. We were in our bathing suits and were bitten everyday all over our body. Bug repellent with deet wasn’t totally effective. I toke my son to they emergency room to get an antibiotic shot because his leg got so swollen. My husband’s bites had blister/pustules which left a couple of craters in his skin because he scratched so much. We all look like we went through a battle by the time our vacation was over. It toke over a couple of weeks before they started to heal. Topical calamine, hydrocortisone and vodka or soaking in ebsom salt helped little.

July 9, 2011

I have several hundred no see um bites all over my legs, ankles, feet and wrists. I sprayed Off all over, but I was the only one in my group to get bitten, what’s the deal with that? Anna Maria Island, FL

Avon’s skin so soft is good to PREVENT bug bites. Tea tree oil STOPS itching. I use both cause skeeters and noseeums LOVE me. Does anyone know why they love some and shun others? Is it our smell? Even when I don’t wear any perfume, they head straight for me. Try and hope they work for you.

July 21, 2011

I just learned about these while working in an office in Cincinnati. They are attracted to local bushes and shrubs. I have deep woods OFF with DEET 25% and some still bite my wrists, by elbows and hands. Inside the medical office.
So, to prevent them?
1. Hot Shots hanging FLying insect repellents.
2. Exterminator spraying natural pyrethins outside office as perimeter

3. I spray flying insect RAID in each patient room before office hours.

Treat the bite:
1. Ammonia works
2. Prescription steroid cream OK
3. Oral prednisone pills for severe bites/itching.
4. Benadryl and Calamyn lotion worthless.
5*** The best relief of pain was by Voltaren Gel 1% Its a prescription non-steroidal anti-inflamatory topical gel. Used for severe arthritis of joints, once applied to the bites; best and longest release of pain.
(I even injected steroid and Marcaine into the bite but to no avail.

I just ordered the Avon Skin So Soft cream. Everybody swears buy this.

TOmorrow I am going to buy the propane gas driven outdoor mosquito/fly zapper It uses proprane and costs $20 or so at Walmart.

Hope this helped.

July 21, 2011

i have 10 on one leg and 12 on another, and a few on my upper body. They range from tiny to mosquito bite size. The bugs focused on my thighs. I am not sure they are noseeums as they do not itch as much as described, but they are more itchy than mosquito bites. and i noticed them all at once, and cannot recalled a time mosquito could have gotten to my legs. i thought they were spider bites but i hope not, as i would hate to have had spider crawling in my underpants.

Slapping them seems to override the itch with pain.

anyone know if noseemus come out in July in the San Ramon valley?

July 29, 2011

Last weekend I was a flagger @ a demolishin derby, I wore shorts cuz it was really humid and hot. I was so preoccupied with not being ran over I didnt feel the bites. One or two,the track was mud and water, hot and moist and undisturbed til we got there. By the end of the night when I was walking back my legs hurt, thought oh I was just standing all day they swelled abit. Well, by the time i got home they were real swollen. The next day I got up, legs were a little swollen didnt think anything of it. Didnt see any bites because they were still swollen, That night had to come home early from work I hurt so bad took two benadryll, and ib profen. The next morning I woke up and you could see the bites. I have at least 700 on each leg, I look horrible like a disease freak. I must be alleric to them, because they dont itch that bad, after 5 days they r starting to alittle. Better yet the benadryll made my heart race in a sitting position to 125, I was light headed, hazey, couldnt concentrate, even 3 days after I quit taking benadryll, I dont feel good legs are still swelling at night, which is why I think they r not itching so bad they are still a bit swollen. So, DIE noseeums.

August 6, 2011

Devil flies, what a great title to give to what is so small, but which also leave itchy welts for weeks after they bite. In the past, I was a camper who knew that early in the Summer one could expect in any altitute, noseeums along with mosquitos. I would add to them deer flies which bite and which itch but are can be killed once they sit down and eat on you. This past month I went on a week vacation to a lake just over the Cascade Mts in eastern Washington. I saw mosquitos which were late possibly to the cool summer in both sides of Washington state. No bites, until two weeks ago at home when one (I thought a mosquito) bit me beneath my chin. It has itched and itched. I thought it a mossie which made sense until yesterday when today I noticed three small red welts which now are large red and very itchy. I looked up what a midge was which I had read about in a book. I found their other name; noseeums! Never have I seen nor heard about them in a marine cool climate as in the Seattle area I live in. I now know they do bite in the day time– in the open– even with a slight breeze blowing, unlike a mosquito. The only thing worse is a sand flea as I had a few bites while living in SC. It is either them or me..As screens seem not to work, I will try other things non toxic to me and itch itch itch!!

Mary Beth in MN
August 22, 2011

I have had two co-workers come in with these bites this summer, I had not heard of them in this area until this year, had to look on the net to verify that is what they had. I have some Red Desert clay at my desk, it is a calcium montmorillonite type clay. I mixed it with a little water to make a paste, and in both cases, they got almost instant relief. I just sent some home with the latest victim. I figured it might help someone else out, if you get desperate! I got mine at a site called i-amperfectlyhealthy.com, I see that they have some varieties on Amazon too.

September 5, 2011

I think, like other insects they are attracted to our breath. I just came home from a gig where I was singing and I got hit way harder than anyone else. I am in noseeum hell right now. But getting in the shower and running real hot water over the bites gives some immediate relief also applied tea tree shampoo on them and let it sit for a few minutes before I rinsed it off. Both of those things helped a lot. Thanks for all the advice.

Missy in Ohio
September 7, 2011

I have been getting eaten alive by these bugs IN my house. We have bombed and sprayed. They are so small they come in through the screens. I have yet to see one actually bite me, but I have huge welts that itch like crazy for over a week. Then they leave dark circles which have not gone away. I have new ones every day. When I scratch them, they get small oozing blisters which then scab, but they still itch horribly. No one else in my house has them but me, and they really like me. I am miserable, and have never suffered from these bites before. Starting to worry about cellulitis on my left arm, I have so many there. My husband thinks I’m crazy, lol!

September 8, 2011

From IL visiting st.james city FL. Bug bites were driving me crazy. Going to the pool each day seems to draw out the itch of noseeum bites. Going to buy a thermacell @ walmart tomorrow. As i searched the internet i found that the active ingredient these cells burn protects against noseeums. I figured i would try seems they rid us of all bugs in the timber during deer season in IL.

September 23, 2011

WOW!!!! Unbelievable how bad these bites are itching. My hubby and I went to the west coast of Florida. Spent about 2 or 3 hours at Green Key Park near New Port Richey. There was no escape. Thank goodness my children were in the water. Only because they did not get bitten as bad as my sweetie and I. These no see um bugs are truly devil flies! I went and purchased some calamine lotion (did not work) I took ONE Benadryl (did not work) I used the Ivy-Dry Super (did not work). All of these gave a little relief but not completely. Skin so soft (did not work…as we know this only works to prevent getting bitten, after bitten you’re outta luck) I was very upset not having any with me on this day. By the way, our friend was with us. He immediately went to the pharmacist and the benadryl worked right away for him. He still has the bite marks but no itchiness. I spoke to the pharmacist and explained about the uncontrollable desire to scratch and the attack yes I mean ATTACK from the devil flies. She said to up the dose and take TWO Benadryl. I purchased the store brand of benadryl the dye-free allergy relief for the runny nose; sneezing’ itchy nose & throat; itchy, watery eyes…etc. same as our friend and OMG!!! Hallelujah, It’s working, in as little as 30-45 minutes. Relief finally :) Thank you Jesus. Now off to an itch/scratch free nights sleep. I learned a lot from this site. I usually don’t post things but I just had to share in my enjoyment of an itch free moment. LOL. Hope it lasts, and this helps someone. :)

Chad says: Chanda, glad to hear that you found some relief! Thanks for posting and for sharing your experiences and trials with the various medications. I hope you find lasting relief from these pesky devil flies!

October 5, 2011

I just got back from a trip to Indianapolis and while I was there, I went to my nephews soccer game. At the game, we all noticed a swarm of bugs starting to surround us as the sun started to set. I could see everyone around me scratching, shooing and slapping just like my self. I was getting bitten so badly that I had to bail on the game early. Of course! When I woke up the net morning, I had red bites all over my neck and shoulders. No one else that was with me had a single bite. I don’t understand this at all. It must be a bug that I am allergic to that no one else is. I’ve only had the bites for a little longer than 24 hours. I really hope these things don’t get worse.

October 8, 2011

I’m from minnesota and find that I am bothered the worst during warm fall days before a really killing frost. When you would like to sit out for awhile and enjoy the last warm days, I get eaten alive. Have tried several things, but living on benedryl does help. mine often continue to act like something is biting from the inside into mid winter.

October 14, 2011

I’m from Minnesota. Just moved to gasparilla island in Florida. Mosquitos hated me back home. And these little bastards, really love me. Last 2 days I bet I have a few hundred. Almost all below my knees. Literally could scratch all the skin
Hydrocortisone does not work
Benadryl this morning did. I’m going to bed now and just popped 2 more. I am going to town tomm to get tree oil. That stuff does wonder for poison ivy

Seriously these bugs bother me!

October 16, 2011

From Northern Wisconsin. I also thought mosquitoes were my worst enemy. No longer the case. My husband & I were on the east coast of Florida. While eating at a restaurant, got a few bites, thought they were the dreaded mosquito. We went out on the dock to see the two manatees that were there and all of a sudden everyone watching the manatees started slapping their legs arms and loudly complaining about these bugs biting. We got back to our Condo & legs & arms my back because of course it was hot , I had a mesh shirt on were covered with bites. We stopped counting the bites. At first they did not itch to bad. The next morning, got up the itching was the worst I have every had and there seemed to be more bites than the night before. Can the bites seriously continue to appear. There can not be any reason on the chain of life for these no-see-ums.

October 24, 2011

I have been plagued by these creatures ever since moving to Florida. I’ve discovered they are usually found near the coastal (saltwater) areas, and at their very worst in the Spring months during mating season. But you can for sure get bit all year around. Luckily we don’t live near the coast, but when we visit there I an forced to wear: long pants, shoes with socks, long-sleeve shirts and also spray all uncovered skin except my face with Off’s Deep Woods formula (25% DEET) or an even higher DEET solution. I still get bitten but only a few bites instead of many bites. For some reason they seem to prefer legs to arms…and I’ve never been bitten on my face even though I don’t spray DEET on my face (nor should you!) Once you’re bit, taking Benadryl or Zyrtec every night for the first week’s time, they will last for only 1 week instead of 2 weeks though. FYI I asked my allergy doctor if there was a series of some immunization shots I could take? He said no because it’s not a venom but actually these critter’s SALIVA that causes the allergic reaction. My husband must not be allergic at all, he never sprays himself and wears shorts and flip-flops everyplace…yet never has he had any type of a reaction! He sometimes feels a bite but they’re gone within a day for him. SO…I believe that not only do you need to get bitten but you also have to be allergic to these devil-bugs. I used to use the Skin-So-Soft oil spray but have discovered that the Off Deep Woods with 25% DEET is much more effective. Good luck and best wishes to all my fellow sufferers out there

November 12, 2011

On our first trip back to Florida 1-1/2 years ago (after many years) I went to Sanibel Island to get some sunset photos. Within seconds of starting to photograph, I was attacked by swarms of little bugs. I’d heard of no-see-ums (we get them in spring in Ontario) but I’d never had much of a reaction from them. I moved to another area near the beach and was out there for about 45 minutes. The next morning my legs looked like they had chicken pox, with over 200 bites. The itch was almost unbearable, and continued for a week !

I eventually found Benadryl Extra Strength Gel (contains Diphenhydramine and Hydrochloride). I found it would provide relief for several hours at a time. I also found it very important to apply it just before going to bed so I wouldn’t scratch myself raw in my sleep. After 10-14 days the spots finally disappeared.

Now we winter in southwest Florida, and at dusk the no-see-ums always seem to find me, especially near the water. Run-of-the-mill insect repellent with 25-30% Deet doesn’t deter the little buggers. I went to a sporting goods store and found Repel 100 which has 98.11% Deet – it is very effective, but you need to apply it to all exposed skin. I shower when I get home, and only occasionally get a couple of bites, usually in areas that I missed spraying.

Amazing that something so small can have such a powerful effect. Strangely, they have no effect on my wife.

December 7, 2011

Well Well Well I must tell you 30 days after returing from Eleurthra I was covered –yes-covered with No-See-Umm Damn took my beautiful tan and totally destroyed my skin. CPR29 cream (Canada) Product kind of helps.HATE –I which I knew a spray that really works..Party of four I was the only one that they suffered 30 days and counting.

January 6, 2012

Returned from Eleuthera and eaten alive from no-see-ums. I have been back for 4 days and still itching. Blisters even forming still. Counted 28 bites on one foot and ankle alone. Itching
myself to sleep every night. Cortisone creme not helping much…. I hate this!!!!!

January 12, 2012

We were in Panama at the Sheraton Playa Bonita and I was eaten alive early one morning while exploring the beach. I never felt them biting. A sunburn relief product called Ocean Potion ICE with Aloe Vera, Lidocaine, and Tea Tree extracts relieves the itching quickly.

January 13, 2012

I visited Cayo Costa, FL in early December with my bro and his wife. I left the island with hundreds of bites on both arms and legs. It is not Jan 12 and I still have very noticeable bites and itching. These are the worst for itching… I live with psoriasis anyway so am used to itching… I will take psoriasis any day. I am using my steroid cream which if applied 2x a day has started to help. Also, sensitive Sarna helps some. Aveeno baths helped some too. DTN – death to noseeums :0

January 21, 2012

My husband and I went to St Croix. I got over 100 noseeum bites. I’ve been back home in San Diego for over 3 months now. I still have about 20 bites that take their turns driving me nuts. They just wont stop. Some look dried up but still itch of and on. Others still get a small bump that seems to have a little of the poison. I don’t understand how they just wont go away.

February 4, 2012

My parents live in St. Thomas in the winter and the first thing I pack is some bug spray….until my recent visit in January! I am the only one in the family who is attacked by these monsters and the day I got there they gave me a nice welcome. Spent the next 4 sleepless nights itching away until I read a suggestion to dip a q-tip in boiling water and dab on each bite. Not only did it kinda feel good but it was the only thing that brought long relief. I ended up putting a wet rag in the microwave for a bit and laying it on my leg to cover more bites and I finally got a good night’s sleep!! Avon’s Bug spray with picaridin worked well the last time I was there.

February 11, 2012

Noseeums bite me only around the hair line upon which I immediately go into anaphylactic shock. Is their anyone else out there who has this experience? I need any suggestions for prevention. Thanks!

February 14, 2012

Thanks Lisa, I’ll try both the hot rag and the picaridin by Avon, for I’ll be going to The Bahamas in March. I saw a dermatologist yesterday she really only could telll me to use deet (which I did daily) and to use an over-the-counter antihistamine while I’m there as well. I hope to be no-see-um free.

Pat Maratin
February 23, 2012


We just returned from Costa Rica, have been going there for 20 years. We’ve had bites before, but nothing like these bites. I was crazy with them, and scratch to open sores. You just can’t help it. One fella told be to rub my legs with lemon juice, then I put a organic after bite cream, it worked for a while. Anyways upon getting home I bathed in empson salts, then put peroxide on them and they settled down.
Will not go away again with prevention with me.

April 10, 2012

The first time I herd of I was in Honduras. The reason they called them that was that you couldn’t see them. All you got was a little round red dot, but it didn’t itch. The place we stayed offered a spray called noseeum, it stopped them from bitting, was also a sunscreen, and smelled good. It was also from a company in Texas. My wife and I are going to Florida and Cozumel in the morning. I hope we don’t find out what you are talking about, but thanks for dryer sheet info.

April 28, 2012

I was in St. John USVI a few weeks ago and came back to VA with 111 bites. The worst itch seemed to come on a few days after the bites.


My ONLY relief was prednisone (steriods). I started with 6 pills a day and since you need to taper off of steriods, I will take my last pill 2 weeks later. I’m mostly through with the pills and I still have some that itch. From reading another post from Nicole in January, I believe I will also have a few bother me for months and months to come.
Who would have thought such a tiny creature would be hated by so many???

May 2, 2012

I was bitten by these little monsters several years ago – on my forehead. The bites became thick scabs overnight, and I didn’t even know what happened, until I saw them floating around my computer screen the next night. Doused myself in but repellant, and have been bitten some since, always on the face. I have deep scars from the scabs. I hate, hate, hate bugs, especially those things.

May 12, 2012

Just returned from St. John. Someone from the island recommended wearing either Skin So Soft or Baby Oil to prevent the bites as those products leave a more oily-type residue on your skin that the bug sprays do not. We had some bites from there, but got the most (we think) from listening to some music at a beach bar in St. Thomas one night.

May 23, 2012

Last year I went on a hike near Prescott, Arizona. Yikes, my neck was a lovely burgundy color and looked really bad. None of the other hikers were biten by these flying blood crazed insects. Then yesterday I was in Ash Fork AZ and the same thing happened. Vinegar seems to help along with a cold pack. I try to love all creatures, but. . .not these.

May 26, 2012

Returned from St John USVI 4 days ago with the gift that keeps on giving; over 80 bites,mainly on my legs, below the knee. They itch more today than when I got them, which after reading the other posts doesn’t sound unusual. HATE them. 25% Feet didn’t repel them on me, though did on my husband. Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to try to find Ocean Potion Ice.

May 27, 2012

Went to puerto Rico and got 100 bites sitting by pool at Courtyard Isla Verde. Ruin 8-day cruise following stay. I got bite in April and still have active inflamed bites. Tried everything. I think I am just really allergic. I traveled many times in Caribbean and never had problems with bugs. Now I am all scarred on legs and arms.

Patty K
June 2, 2012

It’s been a real help to read the posts on this site. Just returned from near Seville, Spain, and have several bites from the back of my neck to the backs of my arms, and including parts of my legs. The bites look inflamed and have hard raised lumps. A few of them include a small round blister. I’ve been applying Gold Bond every time I start to itch, but plan to try the Ocean Potion Ice stuff, which I can order from Amazon. Took two benadryl last night in order to sleep, and they worked. The risk is in scratching and getting infected through the open sores, plus maybe in going bonkers from the itching.

Iris Martinez Jones
June 24, 2012

I was recently in Puerto Rico and read a notice about “noseums” I though… ” what the heck is that?” Little did I know that I would be bitten by them and how painful and aggravating it is even after a week. I use Caladryl and it helps for a while… then I have to reapply it often.

June 26, 2012

This is in response to what “Gini” wrote last year. I just came across this blog today.
We have been traveling to St.Croix, USVI for the last 7 years during the summer. Only this year and last year have I experienced these weird “bug bites”, mostly while sleeping at night. In the morning my legs have been covered in 30-40 very itchy bites, that after a few hours turn into ugly blisters. I am so relieved that finally I have found somebody who is going through the same thing. Since last year, have you found out or figured out anything new about these strange bites/blisters?

July 2, 2012

Wow, I can’t believe how bad these sand fly bites are. I got bit severely on our last day in Hopkins, Belize, and not only will they not go away… they seem to be multiplying? Is this possible? Why do more bites appear after being home more than a week? I now have over 150 itchy bumps on my legs and arms and it seems to be getting worse. Does seeing a dermatologist help?

July 8, 2012

Never in my life have i experienced these tiny little noseeum bugs! The people at the marina here in FL laughed when i asked about them in disgust! I must have 200 easy all over my legs…not to mention my arms. and it didnt take long to get them! I’ve had these bites now 3 days and my legs look disgusting!…not to mention ITCH!! Does anyone know how long I have to endure these red nasty looking dots all over my legs before they atleast START to fade!? HELP!

July 29, 2012


If you continue to have these bites now that you are home I would definitely consider having an inspection by an exterminator/K9 bed bug team of your home. I am not an exterminator but that sounds very suspicious unless you had a severe allergic reaction to the sand fly bites, that this is what bit/is biting you. I have read that you can have a delayed reaction of several days in some cases to bb bites. You may have unknowingly taken some home in your luggage. They are very difficult to locate unless it is a full on infestation. Just my thoughts. Good luck!

August 4, 2012

Although I’ve never been at the top of any mosquito’s menu (thankfully), I have been covered this summer by these noseeum bites! Using something called “After Bite” helped some the best thing has been Tea Tree Oil. I was making some calendula flower creme when I was eaten alive so I just added the tea tree oil to some cheap body lotion like Suave and added a few pinches of Calendula flower petals.(Soothing but optional in this case) I don’t really have time to let the mixture marinade – I’ve been slathering it on regularly since I mixed the first batch. Before I go out, it seems to repel the little bloodsuckers; if I forget to put in on before, it stops the itch and welts after. It’s worked really well.

August 4, 2012

I got attacked by noseums and I got over 90 bites and they itch like crazy!!!! I was miserable and trust me I know itchy I work as a zookeeper and I get about 10 bites everyday from mosquitoes. I tried cortizone, Benadryl , everything under the dune the best topical cream is cvs brand anti itch lotion and Benadryl allergy pills to stop the itch!

August 5, 2012

These nasty insects are in more places than you know.I am an Aussie and we call them Midgees or sand flies plus we also have a wonderful variety of killer insects down there that can also do some damage if not kill you.I was bitten by one of the deadly spiders in OZZ called a Whitetail spider and I had a severe allergic reaction to this spider many years ago.I am highly allergic to insects so when these little buggers noseeums decided to feast on me 2 years ago in Alaska which is where I live now I was amazed especially in this climate.I disturbed the nest when we were cutting down cotton wood trees on our property.They surrounded me and not my man so I believe some of us must give off an ideal enviroment for the blood sucking insects than others.They got me 2 yrs ago around my eyes and both eyes were completely swollen and shut in 2 days.Yesterday I had another dose of these insects and again they got em on my forhead,both eyes,chin,arms and shoulders.I cant see how many bites I have as both eyes are shut.
Treatment:Like all of you have said for temporary relief Benadryl orally and topically,Voltaren Gell which I got from Australia and is a topical steriod is also good Teatree oil works well too.Also try not to scratch those bites Apply Hydrogen Peroxide on the bite itself with a Q/tip and it will give relief and dries it out.I have to take Prednisone 40mg daily for 5 days for my bites.Hoepfully will see out of my Eye tomorrow as I cant now.

August 6, 2012

Alcohol then Clear nail polish on each of the bites will stop the itching and begin the healing process

August 8, 2012

Ok guys this does the trick. I just recently discovered LMX or lidocaine cream. It is a numbing cream. I have a drawer full of creams and this cream although expensive will numb the bites so you can sleep. You only need a very tiny bit. I got mine from a pharmacy (no prescription needed) or you can order from Amazon. Alternate this with benedryl cream mixed with a drop of tea tree oil and they will start healing up. I just wished I had found this LMX cream sooner. It’s like $30-40 a tube but you will use it forever.

August 11, 2012

Forget the death penalty. Put anyone on death row in a room with noseeums. Worse itch ever. Have lasted for 6 days so far. Little to no signs of subsiding. Nothing provides relief.

M. Chandler
August 16, 2012

I have been bit by these noseeums. They drive me crazy!!! I feel like a prisoner in my own home. This year they have been worse than ever. They have been so bad that my throat has irritated, my eyes around the lids were irritated, my skin felt as though it had been burned….. Now my worry is, can you get encephalitis from these things, if you are in your 60’s and have an immune disorder…
Have any of you guys got swollen glands, joint pain, or has your head felt like it was going to explode???

August 25, 2012

My husband and I made a road trip this month (Aug 2012) from Seattle to Fairbanks to visit our daughter and fam. We (he) drove for 21 hours the first day and we stopped at a rest stop around 1 a.m. in BC, north of Smithers. Our car, not designed as sleeping quarters for 2 adults and a beagle was a problem, as was the strong smell of gasoline from the leaking extra container my husband had thoughtfully prepared due to the long expanses of nothing in northern BC. It was not hot, but the car was stuffy and the fumes were strong (even after gas can was set outside vehicle) so we kept the windows cracked. We were a perfect target, apparently for the notorious ‘noseeums’ and I felt their sharp, pinprick-like stings all night long all over my body including my scalp! I did not use bug spray and my husband did. He had several bites around the wrist area, but nothing like I experienced. The next day I stopped counting at 50 bites, mostly on my arms; it was far more than that, for sure. It has been one month, and after taking Benadryl in the few subsequent days, the itching decreased. They blistered, then scabbed over, but still itched some. Now 4 weeks later, some are red bumps again and have resumed itching, though not as intense. Will this never end? Thus, my searching on-line to see what others have experienced.

September 2, 2012

in a marina in florida and am writing this at 330am cant sleep due to these devil flies…. hundreds of bites on me, not enough money to go get anything but payday will try tea tree oil and maybe ocean potion——- and its getting worse after three days WOW

September 9, 2012

OK… here is some relief, already mentioned, but worth mentioning again: super hot water, as hot as you can stand and soak or run hot water on bites. If you get it right, you can get relief even for almost a full day. I normally use “Sangre de Grado” (Dragon’s Blood) sometimes called Sangre de Drago, an herb tincture for any kind of wound/bite/itching and it works very well. BUT, with dozens of no-see-um bites and a mega reaction to them, I find the Dragon’s Blood only works for maybe 4 hours, and more so if I apply before scratching too much. Can give relief and healing in a few days, as opposed to weeks for the ones I didn’t use it on, or scratched too much at first, IF you apply each time you start to feel the itch. It also makes like a latex cover as it is a resin from the bark of a tree… I live now in Guatemala and will not be without it or travel without it. I have never experienced them before this year. NOW… FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ALREADY ITCHING AND GOING CRAZY WITHOUT SLEEP, DO THE HOTTEST WATER YOU CAN, APPLYING UNTIL IT STOPS ITCHING, AND YOU WILL GET MANY, MANY HOURS OF RELIEF! If you don’t, it is because the water is not hot enough. At first, when you put on the hot water, it will itch more for a few seconds, then relief. Pretty cheap fix too, just make it very hot and apply for a long enough time, I never needed more than 5 minutes but for a whole night and half the next day without any itch, it was worth the time. Now I don’t have to fear them as much… but sorry, I still hate the buggers. GOOD LUCK!

September 11, 2012

Well if any of you have had the pleasure to have been bitten by noseeums you know the uncontrollable itching you feel the day after & up to 3 weeks after. Followed by oozing, swelling, scabbing & scarring. The itching would just not go away & I have never experienced anything like it in my life.I had been bitten last month & after 3 weeks of itching i have about 8 nasty scars all over my legs from all the scratching.So I didn’t want to add another 8 scars so I was researching help topics on it & none seemed to do the trick. I couldn’t sleep last week due to the extreme itching & my feet & toes(where the noseeums bit me) were swollen & on fire from all of the scratching & then I noticed my husbands bottle of Lamisil Defense spray powder that says prevents athletes foot on the dresser.It said it helped with itching burning & cracking & I was desperate. Either it would hurt like crazy & keep itching or help. So I 1st cleansed with hydrogen peroxide & then sprayed a good amount on my feet. To my surprise the itching, burning & pain stopped, I did also take an allegra but it was definetly the Lamisil that stopped it. What a godsend I was actually praying for a solution and wella there it was..I was able to get through work with no embarrassing itch, I took a shower & still no itch…Amazing.
Obviously need to see what long term effects are but I don’t care as long as that ***** itch is gone.
Update… it has been 1 week I sprayed my feet 3 days in a row & each time it stopped the itching for 24 hours most look amazingly better & the worst 2 are healing hopefully without scarring. But people I’m telling you try it! It was the only thing that worked that stopped it that horrible itching I’m at peace!

September 14, 2012

contd.- bathouses or martin bird houses, or whatever might eat these horrid bloodsuckers. anyone know? any entymologists out there?

September 14, 2012

– my previous got cut off– was wondering whether these horrid creatures have any natural enemies? They seem to have spread exponentially in recent years. I never heard of them

September 14, 2012

I actually contracted a MRSA infection on a bite I had scratched, and had to take antibiotics, etc.

September 18, 2012

I now have a shopping list. Thank you all so much. I just moved to Florida and have been introduced to noseeums. Mosquitos have nothing on these evil bugs. I went back to my childhood and bought calamine lotion, it worked for a minute ubt would wake up and have to re-apply all night. I am more afraid of the noseeums than I am of gators. Can’t wait to try some new remidies!

September 24, 2012

I’m covered with these bites. Reading all your postings helped me immensely. On my way to the drug store to buy some Lamisil…….

October 4, 2012

I live in florida and have been attacked for my first time from the evil bugs.. The itching is horrible.I have gotten bit over 100 times on my legs. I tried this bottle of Aveeno cream for itching of any bites/and or chicken pocks or poison ivy. It has a strong smell but i applied it as lotion and it relieves the itching 100 percent. I put it on before I start my day and when I end my day. Very easy and cheap way to solve the itching.. I do have to tell you as you apply it..You start to itch but it goes right away… Hope this helps

October 9, 2012

Just sprayed lamisil all over my lower legs….it appears to be working. Thank you soooo much!! I was ready to chop them off. These buggers are the worse kind.

October 20, 2012

I HATE noseeums. In one day, I got over 200 bites on my legs & was in misery for days. Now I use a eucalyptus lemon non-deet bugspray that I found in Walmart’s outdoor sports section. It works wonderfully.

December 6, 2012

I had no see um bug bites on my toes while in Florida. I asked some ladies at the pool if there was a “secret” to curing the bites. They told me to use any antacid like Tums or Rolaids, wet one and rub it on the bites and it forms a paste which drawers out the enzyme that makes it itch so bad. I immediately went home and applied the Rolaid to my bites, I got almost instaneous relief. I highly recommend you using this method.

December 18, 2012

My wife got bitten alive yesterday in Melbourne Beach/FL (Sebastian Inlet Park). Not a single bite on me…and we are of East Asian origin…so it’s not just the fair skinned issue… In desperation to relieve her itching we tried applying the “hand sanitizing” lotion and she is snoring in her sleep….finally something that gave her enough relief to catch a few hours of sleep.
The lotion bottle is under her pillow just in case she needs it again at night.
Hope this helps others…please do report back of your experiences.
The lotion is nothing special – it was given to us by a bank in Winter Garden/FL after we opened an account with them..but did it turn out to be the best gift we could have got.
If I am allowed to mention the name it is TD-Bank.

January 4, 2013

After years of being bitten by no-see-ums at my Mom’s house on east coast of FL– my daughter and I came up with a new product. All others (and we tried them all) failed miserably. clothing won’t stop them because they fly through the clothes to bite. SO–Ben Gay– the smelly Ben Gay loaded with camphor and spearmint oil. The strong gases seem to repel them. And if you do get bitten the same ingredients plus oral Benadryl really do help with the itching AND- the bites go away in 24-36 hrs vs 7 days of intolerable itching.

January 12, 2013

I went to Sanibel Island, Florida mid-October 2012 and the night before leaving got noseeum bites. I broke out on my back, feet, legs, arms, elbows, basically everywhere below my neck. I went to the doctor three times and was prescribed various creams which none worked. The itching drove me insane. Finally after 2 1/2 months of constant itching/scratching to the point of bleeding I went to a dermatologist who prescribe ivermectin. I took one pill and the bites were completely itch free and almost gone within a couple of days. Hope this helps someone out there suffering with the same horrible noseeum symptoms. Good Luck!!

January 14, 2013

OMG we’re in the Keys … first day my husband has atleast 200 bites .. neck arms,legs and hands … I was sitting 2feet from him and not a one!!! He is miserable had to do a ER visit …. bad lil bugs!

January 30, 2013

i also have been biten by something. not sure it is no seeums. i have them in my house. i am going cracy with something biting my legs arms and back, not to mention my hair. i live in n.y. but out in the country. ive had this going on for 4 yrs. drs. can’t seem to know what i have. exterminator spray 3 different times. not bed bugs. help///

January 31, 2013

Hi,I went to Punta Cana over 2 months ago and these little noseum bugs ruined my whole trip. I got bit a dozen times on each leg. The itch went away but it has been 2 months and my legs are always painful and feel like they are on fire. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I go to my doctors? I feel like I am going crazy :(

Regina Brown
February 4, 2013

Just returned from Puerto Rico. Even on my flight I seem to have been bit, as if they were walking up and down my leg in my pants. I have tried hydrocortisone, peroxide, antihistamine. Gonna try the PrepH, aloe and vitamin E. Made a serious mistake using oil! Thanks for providing another solution. Hope it works!

February 26, 2013

I was attacked by noseeums for the 1st time last year Jan2012 with 40 bites all over my body… I’m experiencing the exact same thing again right now!!! Last year I was working in my backyard when I believe I was attacked & this time I haven’t been in my back yard. This may seem like a silly question but does anyone know if they reappear without being bitten??

March 16, 2013

I came home from St Thomas covered in red itchy bumps.I thought I was bitten by sand fleas.The first thing I read on the computer about sand fleas was that the females carry disease that kills you.since I have at least 1000 bites I thought I had a disease from them. I realized after calling my doctor it was the no see ums that had eaten me alive and I was definitely allergic to them. when I found this website I read every comment because I am going out of my mind itching.Not only did I find out that I didn’t have a disease but I got some much needed laughs that calmed my nerves. Lol. l so I wanted to thank all of you. including the person that made this website. I am using benadryl capsules tea tree soap peroxide and super hot water.I took notes while I was reading and chuckleing..I know I won’t let this happen to me again.I agree with the person that said” forget the death penalty put the person in a room with these bugs” Soo funny..But it’s NOT!!!

March 19, 2013

I was eaten alive on a fishing trip to Goodland FL in October of 2012. As of March of 2013 I still itch and scratch in the areas where I was bitten (specifically legs below the knees, arms, elbows and the back of my neck). Not sure what my issue is, but I’m going to a dermatologist if it doesn’t clear-up by summer.

April 15, 2013

I live in Ontario, I spent my first winter in Florida this year.
I brought no seeums back with me, now my house in Ontario is infested with them. I have called several local exterminators, they do not know what to do to get rid of them, can anyone suggest anything.?
If your bites itch use a hair dryer, aim it at the bite, you will feel it get hot then the itch will go away, you may need to do this several time till they heal

May 16, 2013

I have lived in florida for over 10 years never been this bad but on Mothers Day we went to the park and we seen clouds look like nats they start to bite us. To find out they are noseeum. We had off on it did not work and had a candle. I have over 100 bites and mine are swelling up really bad. Nothing working I have tried everything posted. I am so miserable. I do not know what to do.

May 27, 2013

May, 2013
In our place in Munds Park, Az. outside of Flagstaff No-See-Ums really bite me but not my husband. A friend told me to rub Toothpaste on my arm where I had about a three inch by four inch area where they really got me. Benadryl cream did not work. I am taking Benadryl tablets and the tooth paste really cut the itching, so does Preparation H if you have it. We also sprayed diluted Pinesol on the ground around our place.

May 29, 2013

Try taking a vitamin B-1 Supplement (Thiamine) to repel these evil vamps. See this article for more info http://www.livestrong.com/article/440865-vitamin-b1-as-a-mosquito-repellent/

I forgot how well it worked last year until I just read your post and comments!

I’ve been getting gnawed on by them in CO of all places (I think I brought them here after a trip to FL) Benadryl cream or caladryl clear helps the itching (I’m allergic so they swell ridiculously too). Good luck everybody! These bites really do cause misery. Who knew something could itch so badly?!!

June 3, 2013

Thank you for writing about this. I have read several wiki articles without any help. At first I thought I had chicken pox again. Large red bumps with blisters. And when the blisters busted they drained for several days. And new bumps appeared for several days. Until I read this, the only thing that helped was a hot shower. I have never been so clean but no relief after I got out of the shower. After reading this, I didn’t feel alone. I used vinegar. This helped.

June 3, 2013

How can such a little bug leave such a big sore that hurts and itches this bad. A friend of mine talked about no see ums once and I thought he was joking. But when this happened to me, I remembered him talking about these little creatures.

Travis Dudzinski
June 21, 2013

My mom was just recently attacked by no see ums we were looking for remedies when we stumbled across your post. We just wanted to say that the voice you put in your writing was very true and entertaining. Thanks for the laugh to ease the pain.

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