La Multi Ani! (Happy New Year!)

As always, by the end of the year, we do make a balance of the year gone.

The year of 2008 was a good year, with healthy and happy days. Well. Except my coughing, but we discovered its origin – the healing process is though lent.  I do feel much better.

We did start our year in the Bahamas, with friends and neighbors.  We took advantage of the warm weather and the sea.  Tibi had many days good for windsurfing (strong and from the East or South ).  Dan and Margy were here for one week – we enjoyed their company.  Anamaria and Chad started their trip around the World.  We keep in touch by Skype on the computer using the video camera, by their web site, and by e-mailing.

We returned to Colorado Springs by May 1st and mother nature did show us what we did miss – snow !!! –  but 2 days later it did melt away.  We did travel through Colorado – most impressive for me were the hot mineral springs, as well as the woods, the rivers, the rocky peaks,….  Tibi rediscovered the joy of fishing – trouts.

In July we took a tour to Alaska – 8 days land tour (by train, bus and river boat) and 4 days cruise into the Glacier National Park.  Absolutely fantastic!!

In August friends of Ana and Chad visited us.  They are from Switzerland.  They came for 2 – 3 days, did stay 30 .  Very nice people, interesting and are traveling for almost 2 years by now.

In September, our good friends, Doina and Butzy, from Germany, came for a visit.  We took a wonderful tour through Colorado, Northern Arizona, Nevada,…  Superb.  And we clicked back together as if we did part one week ago and not many, many years.

In October we came back to the Bahamas.  Here it is very quiet before New Year – most of the snow birds have grand children and want to spend Christmas with them.

In November we took a Transatlantic cruise of 21 days.  It was excellent and interesting.

We got back to the Bahamas, which we consider to be the perfect place of “retirement” for us. Dan did visit for some days, but couldn’t enjoy totally his presence here.  Margy was stuck in the middle of a snow storm – no electricity and phone, and the generator was out of order and the solar panels, up the roof were full of ice and snow.  By the end of January, beginning of February their new baby will be born.  Exciting !!

So , we can say we had a good year, with friends and family.  We miss Ana and Chad, but are glad that the today technology allows us to see them while talking on the computer.

Now, that the New Year 2009 is approaching, we wish you all the best.  We will toast a glass to your health by midnight.

Love you,   Tibi and Marilena

Ana´s parents, Marilena and Tibi Ana´s brother Dan and wife Margy

TB and Marilena also sent us a few 30 second video clips they made of themselves this year.  You can watch them by clicking on the links below:

Summer 2008 activities and friends visiting in Colorado

Tibi and Marilena’s Transatlantic Cruise, Nov/Dec 2008

Son and boat captain Dan comes to visit in Freeport, Bahamas, Dec 2008