Help Keep Mango Running Smoothly

Mango is a 33 year-old temperamental bus.  If you’d like to help keep her running smoothly, you can do so by contributing towards her next oil change, headlight, or “real” mechanic. The process is easy and takes about 2 minutes.  Mango thanks you, and we do also.

Pushing a broken Mango in Huanchaco, Peru

Head-deep in a mechanical problem Broke down for 3 days in the Canyon del Pato, Peru

Jacking the car for a puncture near Tupiza, Bolivia Jagged rocks and sandy soil outside Cachi, Argentina

Breaking Mango on a rock and the ensuing oil spill The gas station and attendant in Leymebamba, Peru

The local wildlife checks out Mango Stream crossing in Argentina

Changing the oil and filter with the help of a friend Time for a new tire!

Walter Calfuala and assistant rebuilding the alternator.  Esquel, Argentina Alejandro filling in some dings on the windshield

Visiting a machine shop in Trujillo, Peru An aluminum welder in Chimbote, Peru

Getting pulled out of soft sand in Balsas, Peru Getting a push

Mt. Huascarin, elevation 22,205 feet, Peru's tallest peak

Maneuvering a muddy road near the border of Ecuador and Peru Puddle splashing outside Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Thick wooden planks = $10, Tie down straps = $5, Getting over large holes in the road = Priceless! The road between Chaquilla and Uyuni, Bolivia

Snow at the Argentina-Chile border Paso Agua Negra, Border between Argentina and Chile, Elevation 15,650 feet

Celebrating with Mango at the Chile-Argentina border, atop 15,650 foot Agua Negra Pass