Aug 07

Enjoying the market in Tecpan, Guatemala

Ana and I decide we’re going to pull over for the night early for once. We are near the town of Tecpan, Guatemala so we turn off the Interamericana “highway” and soon we are driving through the town’s center. We find a great little hotel only a few blocks from the Parque Central (Central Plaza). The owner is an energetic, friendly woman who only opened the clean and tidy hotel about 1 month ago. She lets us park our van in the hallway/driveway/garage which affords us about 2 inches of clearance on either side of the mirrors. We walk to a nearby pizza shop for some good food. Both the owners of the pizza shop as well as the guy managing the internet café where we check email are very nice. We have a good night. The next morning is market day in Tecpan so we decide to have a look around. The market is very lively and colorful. Fruits, vegetables, spices, shoes, clothing – you name it, it’s for sale. Many of the people in the market are indigenous people from town or the surrounding villages. As far as I can tell, we are the only caucasians walking around. In Tecpan, I can definitely say I know what it feels like to be the minority. We have a really good morning walking around looking at all the items for sale, as well as sitting down to eat some of the local market food. Everyone is very nice and we enjoy conversations with several of the market vendors. After travelling and seeing many of the more touristy areas of Guatemala, it feels really good to be in a more “normal” town where “normal” people are going about their everyday business. Tecpan only has a brief mention in our guidebook, but we really enjoy the time we spent there.
Indigenous woman carrying child on her back Selling tomatoes at the market
Busy Tecpan market with tons of people out shopping Large moist tamales we ate at the market
Man selling oranges on the street Young children at the onion and pineapple stand

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