Help us pay for car repairs, replacement camera equipment, and the website:

We have now been on the road for over a year and the wear and tear on our vehicle and photographic equipment is showing.  As most of you that follow our blog already know, Mango has undergone some mechanical repairs and we expect a few more in the future.  To save money, we do most of the mechanical work on Mango ourselves.  Occasionally however, we need to shell out money for parts or the real expertise and skill of an actual mechanic.  We could use a few bucks to keep Mango in the excellent condition that she’s striving to be. 

Besides Mango, if you’ve been enjoying the website photos, please consider donating a little towards some replacement camera equipment.   Since the beginning of the trip, our beloved little Canon G9 point-and-shoot camera broke in Costa Rica due to humidity.  Shortly thereafter, our highly-capable SLR flash unit also broke.  Next up to break was the wide-angle lens on our SLR camera.  It limped along with intermittent operability until southern Peru when it completely died.  For several weeks, we were basically down to the telephoto lens on our SLR, and a $100 replacement point-and-shoot camera we purchased in Chachapoyas.  The telephoto lens is used mainly for far away subjects such as people and animals, so we ended up using the $100 point and shoot camera for most of the scenery and overview shots.  The point-and-shoot camera was then stolen a few weeks later during the Barranca robbery incident.  In order to continue taking photos and keep the website running, we purchased a relatively cheap replacement lens and point-and-shoot camera in Lima, Peru.  The associated costs were: SLR lens replacement $150, 2nd and 3rd replacement point-and-shoot cameras $100 and $210, SLR flash unit $230.

We’ve received a fair amount of feedback that people really enjoy the website.  One of the goals we have on this trip is to show a realistic, non-glossy portrayal of life outside the USA.  In getting back to our purpose statement, we really want to show that life outside the US is usually quite safe, interesting, and enjoyable.  Also, the people are extremely friendly, helpful, and similar to you and me in terms of what they want out of life.  We hope that our website portrays this message successfully.  We also hope that we can get some help to keep the website running.   If you enjoy our site, photos, and like what we are broadcasting, we ask that you pitch in a small donation to help keep the website running.  Any donation, no matter how big ($100) or small (pennies), is greatly appreciated. 

Chad taking photos of the sunset in Pimentel, Peru Nice local people helping push a broken down Mango in Huanchaco, Peru

Thank you for your help and generosity.

If you would like your donation used for a specific purpose, please designate this under “Optional Comments”, second page of the donation process.